10 Things You May Not Know About Rieju


Rieju has been operating for approximately 75 years and is Spain’s longest-active motorcycle manufacturer. Despite its long history, we constantly receive inquiries regarding Rieju motorcycles in response to our publications about the brand. The majority of people have never heard of Rieju. This blog will answer a few Rieju Motorcycles-related questions.

What is Rieju?

Rieju is a Spanish motorcycle builder who started building bikes in 1934. Throughout the decades, they have yet to import their bikes to America. This is mainly because they specialize in small street bikes like mopeds or scooters. Although they manufacture road racing bikes, those are on the smaller side too. 

One thing is for sure, Rieju knows how to make bikes. So in 2020, they have expanded their horizons by taking on the GasGas factory.


Who Is Gas Gas?

Named after the Spanish phrase “fast fast,” GasGas started in 1985, making trail and endurance bikes. Many experienced riders will walk into their local motorcycle store, see a GasGas and think it’s a brand new brand. The truth is, Gas Gas has been around for a long time. However, GasGas and its factories have now been acquired by Reiju after KTM bought the Gas Gas name. KTM is a stockholder in Rieju.


A World-Class Enduro Bike

Gas Gas has several world titles under its belt. In 1993, the company hired Jordy Torres, who became the world champion in trials while riding a Gas Gas bike. Their championship streak continued in 1994 with the help of Paul Edmondson, who was paramount in spreading the Gas Gas name as a world champion.


Fast forward to 2005, Adam Raga, a name you’ll often see on MavTv, secured another world championship using a Gas Gas bike.


Who Else Is Riding Rieju?

Quinn Wentzel is a factory-backed pro rider who has been placing in the top 5 and generally doing well at the U.S. National Hard Enduro Series. You’ll see him proudly racing his Rieju all over the U.S. 


Following the international circuit religiously or watching the European races on Youtube, you’ll spot a few Rieju bikes at the International Six-Day Enduro Series (ISDE). You’ll likely see the pro-model Rieju 300 in these races. Their black exterior makes them pretty easy to spot. 


If you’re really into racing and watch the world enduro championship, you’ll see the Rieju doing International sprint enduros, World Enduro, World Hard Enduro which is done all over Europe.


How is the Power? 

The power of Rieju bikes is genuinely something to be admired. The power valve and carburation make for smooth acceleration. Rieju bikes are so easy to ride, that going up a rocky canyon feels totally controllable. Plus, with a 54 horsepower engine, these bikes can give most 450s a run for their money.


Carbs vs Fuel Injection

One manufacturer has moved their bikes primarily to fuel injection, but if you’re looking for a less troublesome machine consider the carburetor. While both options work well and are more than satisfactory, the fuel injection has a much more complex system. 


Fuel injection is not the only way to go if you don’t want to worry about fuel pumps, high pressure lines, injectors and filters and can mix your own gas.


The Best Suspension for Off-Roading

Rieju bikes are built with KYB forks and KYB shocks, making them the best option available without having to break the bank by purchasing a high-dollar kit. All of the valving was done by a European company, Technical Touch. And they didn’t miss a beat; everything was perfect right out of the box. Even riders who weigh over 200 pounds can step right on and feel ready to ride. 


In our opinion, Rieju has the best suspension available off-road.


How Does it Handle?

Rieju bikes have neutral handling, which means you don’t have to expect surprises while riding. The frames for Rieju bikes are made by the same company that supplies KTM with their structures. Most of the exact dimensions and layouts are used for both companies, so that you can expect excellent handling from Rieju. 


The Rieju works with you not against you. A light grip will get you up and over obstacles. 


How Much Does it Cost?

We riders are looking for the best equipment for the money. Rieju fits this qualification.


 If you’re looking for a basic model, the MR 300 Racing class will be perfect for you. The MR 300 retails for $9695. However, if you want to step things up, you can opt for a pro version. The pro versions come with many nifty upgrades, such as X-Trig triple clamps, heavy-duty hubs and Excel wheels, Renthal bars, and more. They also have an already installed fan kit, and it is priced retail for $10,695. In some cases thousands less than other European bikes.


Another option is the ISDE version, which is similar to the pro and has many of the same components. Plus, it’s just an awesome-looking bike!


To get your hands on one of these incredible bikes or for more information, get in touch with us today