What Dirt Bike Is Right For You? (Pt 2)

Are you new to dirt biking? Are you a returning rider? Maybe you are an advanced or intermediate rider? Enjoying the ride so far as an experienced biker? No matter your level of skill or experience, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right bike for you. 


It’s not just about going to a store and buying the biggest, baddest bike out there. It’s a decision not to be taken lightly if you’re passionate about this sport and recreational activity. 


So what is the right bike for you? Well, in this blog, we’ll give you an insightful look at how to choose the right bike for you and provide a breakdown of the different factors and considerations that should and will influence this decision.



Is Your Bike Compatible With Your Experience Level?

Experience plays a huge role in choosing the right bike for you. The different bike makes and models are more suitable for certain experience levels, and you’ll need to factor this in when choosing the right bike. 


  • Do you fit in the beginner category?
  • Are you a returning intermediate rider?
  • Do you fit in the expert or advanced level?


Not only do you have to consider if the bike suits your experience level, but you need to assess whether or not it’s a great bike for learning, practicing, and improving your skills. 


  • Is it a good learning/practice bike? 
  • Will it perform well when riding ?
  • How often are you riding? Once a week or Monthly? Is the bike ready for this?


Is Your Bike Suitable for The Type of Riding You Wish to Do?

Any dirt bike fanatic will know that different bike makes and models perform differently at different riding locations and terrain. To find the perfect bike for you, ask yourself the following questions and find the right bike for you according to your answers:


  • What type of trails do you like to ride on? 
  • Where do you want ride? 
  • Will you go to open areas, trails, creek beds, terrain washes, or harder terrain?


Is Your Bike Right for the Activities You’ll Be Involved in?

  • Are you looking to do pleasure riding? 
  • Are you looking for Motocross training?
  • Are you looking for casual trail riding?


Is Your Bike Right for Your Physique?

  • What is your weight or height? 
  • Try to get a bike that fits you properly, big bikes are fun but may keep your skills from progressing, Think about a 250 instead of a 450


How well you ride, your level of comfort, and your level of bike performance also relies on your height and weight. With this, you’ll need to factor in your strength, too, as this affects how you hold and control a bike. It’s important to remember here that choosing the right bike is not about overestimating your abilities but rather considering your physique so that the bike works with you and for you, not against you. 


Is Your Bike Right for Your Needs?

The right bike for you isn’t just the prettiest. It’s rather about the make and model and its components. Consider the following questions and let your answers guide you to the right bike: 


  • Are you looking for easy control when riding?
  • Are you looking for easy manipulation of the engine?
  • Are you looking for a gas-powered or electric one?
  • Are you looking for a two stroke or a 4 stroke? Do you know the difference?
  • Are you looking for a more comfortable ride?
  • Are you a beginner looking for a powerful but lighter bike that is easier to ride?
  • Are you looking to drop your engine size and find more control when riding?


When it comes to choosing the right dirt bike for you, considering all of the above-mentioned pointers will help you to decide. We do advise you not to run out and go buy any bike. It’s not about buying the biggest bike, the most expensive, or the most popular bike either. 


We encourage you to take an assessment of your skills and take note of the experience you have. Don’t be influenced by fellow bikers, friends, or family but by the guidelines above. And if you need more help to find the right bike for you, head in to the Bike Guys Offroad shop.


If you were learning to snow ski, would you like it if someone took you to the top of the mountain, then pushed you down an expert run? NO! Start where you belong!