2023 Surron Ultra Bee X

PRICE: $6,695 IN STOCK NOW! Part dirt bike. Part MTB. All electric. Introducing the remarkable Ultra Bee by Surron, a true game-changer in the world of electric performance. Building upon the success of its predecessors, this extraordinary machine elevates the standards of off-road biking. At the core of the Ultra Bee lies Surron’s cutting-edge powertrain […]

2022 GPX MXR 140

PRICE: $2,195 DESCRIPTION: 140cc’s of fun for your smaller rider! This bike is right between  full size bikes and Mini bikes. Auto clutch and 4 speeds to give it full trail capability  Come by the shop to check it out! Great for ladies and teens!

2022 GPX FSE 250 E

PRICE $4,495 DESCRIPTION This is probably the best “New” trail bike you can buy these days! The chassis is the proven GPX set-up and the motor is clone of the earlier Honda XR250 design. Put these two aspects together and you have a perfect trail bike! Handling, suspension and a reliable air cooled four stroke […]

2023 Rieju MR Racing 200 Six Days Custom Edition

PRICE: Call For Information! DESCRIPTION: One of a Kind! This is the bike that Dirt Bike Magazine is so impressed by, The Racing model is a “best bang for the buck” Enduro out there, Top European manufacture of World class Enduro bikes, if you know the original GasGas Racing motorcycles, you will know Rieju, updated […]